Monday, 26 May 2008

Panic panic panic, but good panic!

Only the other day I was thinking how nice it is that I have no deadlines to meet and I was looking forward to making a start on the Toadstool swap and making another new doll for M's friends party next Saturday.
I'd finished the doll for the swap and that will be winging its way to Sara at allabouteden tomorrow. I was planning some new projects.
Then last weekend my eldest son E decided to pull the wallpaper off his bedroom wall when he woke from his nap, revealing a nice sized hole with a pipe behind it and also just how much the previous owners enjoyed wallpapering, as we found 4 layers of wallpaper, 2 of them woodchip!
So another task to do, decorate E's bedroom but not before a major stripping session went on (and I dont mean the saucy kind!).
Ok I thought, it needed it and I do enjoy decorating, its just we thought we would have a bit of break from doing up the house for a while. As L says though, all things happen for a reason (insert sceptical look here).
Then yesterday, one of the lovely mums from Mumsnet left me a message saying she had seen one of my dolls and that she would like 2 for her daughters.
Great I thought. Receiving commisions is great. I'm not really bothered about the money side, I just enjoy making the items and its lovely that you get recognition that people like what you do.
So I checked my email last night to get all the details and specifications for the dolls, only to find another email from another mumsnetter who also wants 2 dolls!
My first thought was WOW, how lovely and I got all excited thinking about what fabrics to use and planning in my head what they would look like, as you do.
Then this morning it hit me how much I have to do now!
5 dolls, one of which has to be done by Saturday and the Toadstool swap.
Not to mention my family.
I have to say I feel a little bit overwhelmed but excited and very pleased.
And I have had a little splurge and bought some yummy fabrics for said dolls.
Tomorrow I am going to pick up a bag of fabric from a local ladywho has offered them to me.
I put a wanted post on a great site called Freecycle for any fabric remenants that people didnt want or were surplus to them.
The basic philosophy of Freecycle is basically to keep things out of landfill by recycling them to other people for free. Its a very good site, very popular and helpful.
Anyway, about 2 hours after my post went on, I had an email from this lady who said that she collected fabrics but they were taking over her home so I would be welcome to some.
I'll soon be drowning in fabric!
I'll post some WIP pictures when I do actaully get started.
Wish me luck!


Katy said...

good luck!!! But well done!!! That is fabulous news!

MamaBlogger said...

what a great idea to post on freecycle! I may do that on my local site as well! No worries on the toadstool. i'm happy to wait until your beautiful dolls are complete! Congrats on the commissions!

saraeden said...

Well done hun on the dolly commissions !!
I cannot wait to see the dolly .. i hope you like the one i have made you she just needs a little tweaking and then she will be on her way !!

Sara x

Hana Mi said...

awwww lots of luck darling dolly maker. I will watch and see how you balance it all, Imn sure your multi tasking skills will go up a gear , youll surprise and surpass yourself.

Hope you enjoyed your shoppy shops today!

Well done you