Friday, 2 May 2008

So how are you getting on?

As you may or may not know, I will be away from Tuesday next week and the running up till then is busy busy busy so I may not get chance to get to the laptop.
So all I wanted to know was how you are all getting on with your dolls?
I have one little last finishing touch for Sara's and I was hoping to send it before I went away but it looks unlikely now, so I'm very sorry Sara but I will post it as soon as I return.
Its amazing what new things you learn when you make something a bit different to what you usually do. Yes I like to make dolls but this one I have done for the swap is different to my usual "style" and I have to say I have really enjoyed making it and picking up new things along the way.
Obviously I cant say too much but when Sara recieves it I will tell all.
Today I'm going to have a go at making a Toadstool from this tutorial from LucyKate crafts. Because she posts on Mumsnet she had mentioned that she had done the tutorial and I thought it was very sweet but then thought, why would I make this? What would it do?
Anyway after I was rummaging in my little craft cupboard, also known as under the stairs, I found a whole new sheet of untouched fabric which I bought from Nuno plus weeks and weeks ago and a whole meters worth of felt, again untouched!
How they managed to slip through my fingers I dont know but today they will be hacked to pieces to make a little sweet toadstool and a little something to sit with it.
I am not saying anymore than that!
So if I dont get back, happy doll making and I cant wait to see everyones pieces.
Dont fret though, you have until the end of the month!

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JuicyFig said...


Love the toadstool! I have joined the swap...

I have had an ace time making my doll, like you, it was a style I had never done before! I have posted a few sneeky peeks on my blog, and will send you some photo's soon!